Sensible Foods - Fruit & Vegetable Snacks

We are dedicated to bringing you all of the natural goodness and flavor of fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. Our unique Crunch Dried ® process removes the water while maintaining the products cell structure, nutritional value and intensifying its natural flavor.

Crunch Dried ® Fruit and Vegetable Snacks!
Each .75 ounce bag of Fruit is:

  • Fat Free, 100% Natural, Gluten Free and GMO Free
  • Enzymatically Intact
  • Equal to 1/2 Cup Fresh Fruit
  • 1 Daily Fruit-Vegetable Serving
  • An incredible shelf life of over one year!

Looking to enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables all year round? Look no further than Sensible Foods Crunch Dried products. Enjoy 100% natural dried snacks while getting a daily serving of fruits or vegetables. Today’s snacks are filled with unhealthy ingredients, although they are made for us to think they are healthy. Our Crunch Dried