About Us


Serious about Sensible Snacking since 1997.

Crafted in Sonoma County, California by an innovative team of health-conscious snack enthusiasts, Sensible Foods has been contributing to the snacking world since 1997. Dedicated to catering a garden-fresh taste right off the shelf, our team of experts knows just how important it is to provide the best snacks around.

Our revolutionary Crunch Dried® method is the first of its kind—allowing us to create delicious, all-natural snacks that are always free of chemicals and preservatives. We believe in wholesome ingredients that come from the sources we trust—It’s the sensible thing to do!

While a whole lot of hard work goes into creating these delightfully wholesome snacks, coming up with our name was quite simple. At the end of the day, we simply want to deliver quality food that we trust. Let us take the guess-work out of eating true quality while we provide the freshest farm-to-shelf taste around. Each individual package of Sensible Foods fits neatly into purses, lunchboxes, in office drawers, anywhere!

All of our snacks are Kosher-certified, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free and product offerings are certified organic.

With our six unique flavors and various flavor blends, Sensible Foods are packaged in easy single-serving pouches that won’t leak or pop open. Whether you’re looking to fill a lunch-box or fuel a hike, you can now snack sensibly throughout the day.

Sensible Nutrition

On-the-go nourishment has never been easier

We know life moves fast, which is why we created a snack that’s made with clean ingredients and tastes great. The Sensible team is dedicated to catering to your active lifestyle without skipping a beat when it comes to eating great food.

Our products are gluten-free, low in fat, and have no added sugar. Whether you’re a dedicated vegan, Paleo, regular health nut, or someone who cares what your family eats—Sensible Foods has the snack for you! Look for these labels on our packaging:
sf-kosher-symbol sf-nongmo-symbol




A snack with sensible roots

Our proprietary Crunch Dried® process could be described as a hybrid between low-moisture dehydration and freeze dried methods. This process allows us to retain most of the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables, while supplying a satisfying snacking crunch.

Each Sensible mixture is carefully hand-mixed in a traditional drum and sensibly packaged to ensure an even distribution of each fruit per pouch.

We know exactly what goes into every bag. Our single-ingredient varieties feature fruits and vegetables from the same country of origin. Every snack pouch is carefully monitored as it moves down the production line to ensure the highest quality snacks.

Simplicity is sacred, which is why our commitment to excellence, combined with our obsessive attention to detail makes Sensible Foods a leading producer of delicious and nutritious finger food. Let us provide nutritious snacks so you can continue to live sensibly.

Our Mission:


Sensible Foods is devoted to providing you with quality, delicious food that’s not only good for you, but is also sourced with you in mind. We aim to live up to our name in every step of the way—from the supplies we source, to the purely clean ingredients we use, to manufacturing and distributing in a socially-conscious manner—we strive to not only improve the quality of your life, but also that of the environment around us.

We believe that obtaining healthy snacks should be fun. We live for building a company that produces a one-of-a-kind bond between nutrition and living happily and overall, sensibly. We exist to create a world where you don’t have to sacrifice good flavor for wholesome nourishment. We believe in sensible living for our community, ourselves, and most of all- you.